How LAP Campaigns

What we do? 

Leeds Animal Protection is a peaceful campaigning group.  We are opposed to the use of intimidation and of violence, to individuals and/or their property.  It is strict policy that all action taken by, on behalf of, or in the name of the group must be conducted in a manner that is peaceful and non violent.  Our primary campaigning techniques are as follows:

Campaigning/educational stalls 

Leeds Animal Protection conduct regular stalls in and around Leeds, in order to educate the general public on animal rights issues, and to facilitate participation in the democratic process.


Petitions, postcards and letters 

It is important to ensure that governments are made aware of citizens’ concerns about the protection of animals in our society. An important way to do this is by signing petitions and writing to our elected representatives, both here in the UK and in Europe. It is also important that, as consumers, we make clear our concerns to others whose decisions can influence the way animals are treated, e.g. manufacturers, retailers and charities.

Organising trips to National Marches 

Animal rights campaigners can make a huge impact through demonstrations, marches and rallies. Leeds Animals Protection organise transport to national events.

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3 Responses to How LAP Campaigns

  1. Alice Smart says:


    My name’s Alice and I’s really like to get involved in Leeds Animal Protection. Would it be possible for you to add me to your mailing list or let me know when your next meeting is?

    Best wishes,


  2. Sarah Webster says:

    I was wondering if you could help i live in Rothwell where there have been an alarming number of cats poisoned to death recently the RSPCA have been contacted but is there another organisation that could help?

  3. chloe reynolds says:

    Hey I was just wondering when is the next meeting as i would like to get involved in some campaigns.

    Many thanks,


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