LAP Newsletter June 2014

Hello to all Leeds Animal Protection members and supporters.


On April 26th the National March and Rally for Animals in Laboratories took place in Nottingham.  The day was a great success, with many protesters arriving from all over the country.  The AVC managed to get plenty of attention in their bright red boiler suits and there were various reporters for the local media on hand to talk to them.  There was much interest from passers by, a range of great speakers/stalls and as always fantastic food from the Veggies

On May 10th Leeds Animal Protection held a stall at The Great Yorkshire Vegan Festival  – the first one to be held in Leeds.  This was a huge and excellent event with over 100 stalls, workshops, presentations and demonstrations. We couldn’t believe how big and busy it was – there were over 2,000 visitors!

The festival was organised by The Friends of IAPWA Cumbria Group.  IAPWA stands for International Aid for the Protection and Welfare of Animals and is a UK registered charity, which is dedicated to bringing hope and protection to street animals worldwide. The current major project is focussing on Borneo ,where there are thousands of unwanted and un-neutered animals roaming the streets.  These animals have to compete for food, water and shelter.  They have short and difficult lives, which often end in very cruel ways.

IAPWA are introducing TNR [trap, neuter, release] programmes, running education programmes, providing veterinary support and campaigning to prevent cruelty, neglect and inhumane practices.  For more information and for ways to help their work – please go to or

IAPWA will be back in Leeds next year with an even bigger and better festival!


We had a very pleasant day campaigning in the sun at Pudsey Carnival.  Our stall was next to Leeds Veg and people were able to choose some delicious new veggie recipes, as well as taking info from the LAP stall, and signing petitions.

We used our “Choose your own prize” activity as a fund-raiser and we will be doing this at all our summer stalls.  If you have a small unwanted gift that someone might choose as a prize then please bring it along to one of our stalls or meetings – Thanks


Our current campaigning includes the following issues:-

Animal Aid

Information leaflets about animal experiments, petitions and lists of medical research charities which do/do not test on animals, as well as information and petitions about factory farming –


Information about the “Leaping Bunny” symbol and cruelty-free companies – LAP will also be promoting the “Our Best Friends” campaign to end the use of dogs and cats in scientific research
League Against Cruel Sports

LAP will be promoting their petition to get snares banned – please sign this if you have not already done so – – there is much information about this and their other campaigns on the website.

Captive Animals Protection Society

We are giving out information about the zoo industry.  Remember Marius?  He was a healthy young giraffe who was killed by staff at Copenhagen Zoo in February.  Unfortunately he is not a tragic exception – thousands of healthy animals are deliberately killed by European zoos every year.  CAPS have several campaigns, including one against pinioning – where captive birds have part of one wing severed and will never be able to fly again – so that they can be held captive in zoos – details at


PUBLIC CONSULTATION: Review of SECTION 24 of the Animals [Scientific Procedures] Act 1986

On May 1st the government opened a public consultation on Section 24, the notorious secrecy clause which has long been used to prevent even the most basic information about animal experiments from being released.  The consultation will last for six weeks.  Animal Aid will be producing advice for anyone who would like to participate in the consultation – so please keep checking their website and social media for more information.

Dr Hadwen Trust also is encouraging its supporters to take part in the consultation.  There is a link on their website and a statement is being prepared.


Animal Aid continues to work hard on its campaign for mandatory CCTV in UK slaughterhouses. They have launched a Number 10 petition for us to sign and share. Details and a link to the petition at


On April 3rd the government announced that there will be no roll out of the badger cull, but that it will continue in Somerset and Gloucestershire.  Defra Minister Owen Paterson said that – when the culling is “perfected”, he will allow badgers to be targeted in other parts of the country.  Hundreds more badgers will be killed this year – possibly from June 1st.  If anyone wishes to support the Wounded Badger Patrols in Somerset and Gloucestershire – please see Somerset Wounded Badger Patrol Facebook,  and Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting – [GABS]

For information on badger and cattle vaccination, the League Against Cruel Sports suggests that we go to to support this initiative

There is an independently organised 10 day march from Gloucester to London, beginning on May 22nd.  It is called the Great Badger Trail and is to support the anti badger cull movement [details on LACS website]

Please keep an eye on the following websites for details of any developments regarding the culls and what we can do to help the badgers.

Yorkshire Against The Badger Cull – on Facebook


Humane Society International reports that The World Trade Organisation has made a decision to uphold the European Union’s ban on products of commercial seal hunts, keeping one of the largest markets closed to this cruelty – details at

NEW VEGAN FACEBOOK group in Leeds – Leeds Vegan Families and Interfaith Vegan Alliance


Have some gorgeous new recipes at Type in “summer recipes” to get details for
Indian Summer Salad
Onion filo tart
Tropical mango and pecan cheesecake
Frozen Fruit kebabs
and many, many more.

We will have stalls at the following events:

BEESTON FESTIVAL – Saturday June 14th –  Cross Flatts Park  12.00 – 5.00

HORSFORTH GALA – Saturday June 28th Hall Park, Horsforth  late morning – 5.00

GARFORTH GALA – Sunday June 29th [to be confirmed] Glebelands, Ninelands Lane, Garforth  10.00 – 5.00

KIRKSTALL FESTIVAL – Saturday July 12th

If you can help at any of the events in and around Leeds please let Jenny know – email  Thanks

The following meetings – for 2014 – will be Wednesday May 28th, Wednesday June 25th [England are not playing that night!] and Wednesday July 23rd.

Meetings are at Leeds Civic Hall at 7.00pm

New members are always welcome.  Hope to see you soon.

Best Wishes

Jenny and Carla

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