LAP Newsletter July 2014

Hello to all Leeds Animal Protection members and supporters.


Beeston Festival   We held a busy and successful stall at Beeston where we got a good sun-tan too! Leeds veg shared the stall so lots of people went away with lovely veggie recipes as well.Some of our members helped at a street collection in Leeds for Dr Hadwen Trust, and we also held a DHT  information stall at Hope Pastures Fun Dog Show – which was a lovely day.


Our current campaigning  includes the following issues :-

Animal Aid

vivisection – information leaflets about animal experiments, petitions and  lists of medical research charities which do/do not test on animals
– information about factory farming  and petitions


– information about the Leaping Bunny symbol, and about cruelty-free companies
“Our Best Friends” campaign – to end the use of dogs and cats in scientific research

–          Time is running out for the Yorkshire Beagles, and we urgently need your help today.  B&K Universal is appealing the decision which prevents them from erecting a new beagle breeding facility in Yorkshire.  If they are successful, hundreds, if not thousands, of beagles will be born to die in laboratories.  Please help by doing two things for the Yorkshire Beagles today:
– 1. Sign our petition urging the Planning Inspectorate and Secretary of State to reject this appeal.>*
– 2. Help us spread the word by joining our Thunderclap so that on 9th July at 7:30pm our campaign floods social media as all those who oppose the facility speak with one voice, urging people to sign our petition.

All it takes is a couple of clicks. Let’s speak out together for the Yorkshire Beagles.

League Against Cruel Sports
– info about their petition to get snares banned.

Captive Animals Protection Society
– We are giving out information about the zoo industry and circuses. CAPS have several campaigns, including one against pinioning – where captive birds have part of one wing severed, and will never be able to fly again – so that they can be held captive in zoos.  Also information about  reasons to boycott aquariums. details at



Dr Dan Lyons, CEO of CASJ [Centre for animals and Social Justice] is going to give a lecture on the politics of animal protection date Wednesday October 15th time 3pm – 4.30 place at the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences, Leeds Metropolitan University.  The event is FREE but you need to register.  Booking can be done through CASJ website


BADGERS     Sadly, badger culling may be starting again very soon. June 1st 2014 was the first day that licensing allows badger culling to start again in Gloucestershire and Somerset, The licensing allows for six consecutive weeks of shooting at any point between June 1st 2014 and January 31st 2015.  It is not known when the culling will start. Teambadger is doing all that is legally possible to challenge and prevent the culls.

There is a report in The Ecologist  that  new  DEFRA figures released on June 12th show that biosecurity works, and that even if  by a small amount, the incidence of BTB in England is dropping, and it’s falling fastest where the strongest biosecurity measures are in place. Wales  has managed to achieve a drop of nearly 50% in the number of cattle slaughtered with not a single badger killed.  Scotland has achieved official TB-free status – without killing badgers.

If anyone wishes to support the Wounded Badger Patrols in Somerset and Gloucestershire – please see  Somerset Wounded Badger Patrol Facebook,  and Gloucestershire Against Badger Shooting   www.   [GABS]

For information on badger and cattle vaccination, the League Against Cruel Sports suggests that we go to    to support this initiative
Please keep an eye on the following websites for details of any developments regarding the culls and what we can do to help the badgers.

Yorkshire Against The Badger Cull – on Facebook

The following update is from GABS:

1  Badger Cull Update

Whilst the cull still hasn’t started yet there continues to be a lot  going on to try and prevent it and at the same time to prepare for the worse.

1.1       Badger Trust legal challenge

The Badger Trust’s legal challenge to the cull took much longer to be considered by the Judiciary than anticipated, but last week they finally agreed that there was a case to be heard. The Badger Trust’s legal Team are now negotiating a court date with DEFRA. There is a risk that the cull could start before the case gets to court but the Badger Trust are hoping they can avoid this happening. Details of the legal challenge are set out below:

1.2       Warwick University report

A new report by scientists at Warwick University suggests that the spread of TB in cattle can only be controlled if more radical measures are adopted. It suggests that culling of entire cattle herds, more testing and cattle vaccination are needed to reverse the spread of the disease. It also confirms that culling badgers will at best slightly slow down rather than stop the epidemic.  Lord Krebs, who developed much of the scientific underpinning to assess the effectiveness of culling badgers to control the spread of TB in cattle said that the study’s conclusions “give further support to the view that culling badgers is not an effective strategy for controlling bovine (cattle) TB”.

1.3 Patrols preparations

Many thanks to all those who made one of the practice Wounded Badger Patrols over recent weeks. We had good turn-outs and feel that they have helped patrol members prepare for if and when the cull does start.

2       How you can help

2.1       Write to your MP this weekend : One of the main things we need to do at present is make sure politicians and the NFU do not think that people have forgotten the Gloucestershire badgers just because the government has decided the cull is not fit to roll out to the rest of the country.

We know many of you have written many times to your MP already, but it would be great if you could write again this weekend telling them that there is even more evidence to show that culling is not the right way forward. You could mention issues such as the Warwick Scientific Study highlighted above and the foolhardiness of planning to go forward with the supposedly pilot cull without any independent scientific evaluation.

We understand that the Badger Trust and Care for the Wild will be hosting a legal briefing for MPs in the Palace of Westminster chaired by anti-cull Conservative MP, Anne Main this coming Monday, 7th July. It will update MPs and Peers from all Parties on the key legal challenges ahead on the badger cull policy. Ask your MP to attend. Links to your MPs e mail address are in the link below:

3       Upcoming local events

Tewkesbury Medieval Festival Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th July 

GABS supporters are running a stall at this local 2 day event to raise the profile of the cull within Tewkesbury, sell some badger materials and try and recruit new supporters. Entry is free so drop in and say hello or let us know if you’d like to help out for a few hours. Details of the festival are set out on the link below:

Tewkesbury Badger March Saturday 19th July

This march is not being organised by GABS but Carol Cook from GABS will be speaking alongside others including Dominic Dyer of the Badger Trust. The only details we have so far are as follows:

Saturday 19th July Meet at 1pm at the Ham, near Tewkesbury Town Centre. GL 20 5DU. See link below:

ROYAL ASCOT – THREE HORSES DEAD      Two horses – two year old Case Statement and five year old Sir Graham Wade both died at Royal Ascot on June 17th. The injuries of these poor horses received little mention during the TV coverage. In the final race five year old Tiger Cliff also collapsed and died after crossing the finishing line. Full details on Animal Aid’s website

PAMPLONA BULL RUN    The Pamplona Bull Run takes place in Spain, and this year runs from July 6th – 14th. The League Against Cruel Sports campaigns to the public not to support this barbaric practice and to boycott bullfights. Details and a film showing what happened last year – are both on the LACS website.

MIGRATORY BIRDS The League Against Cruel Sports have a new film featuring Bill Oddie. The film exposes the massacre of migratory birds in Malta. LACS ask that people watch and share this film and help to expose the horror of spring hunting.

The BEAGLE FREEDOM PROJECT  have campaigned successfully  for Minnesota USA, to pass legislation ensuring that animals who have been used in laboratories are adopted after the research is over. This is the first legislation of its kind in the world.

LOBSTERS, CRABS AND OTHER CRUSTACEANS    The RSPCA, VIVA, Animal Aid  and other animal welfare organisations are calling for greater protection for these animals, based on sound scientific evidence which suggests that they do experience pain and fear. The Animal Welfare Act states that its protection can be extended to other types of animals if it can be proved that they are capable of experiencing pain. Details on Animal Aid website.

VIVA have lots of information about factory farming including a clear and informative  graphic showing silhouettes of various animals, and the age at which they are killed – compared to their natural lifespan. Most people have no idea how young farmed animals are when killed.

To help celebrate VIVA’s 20th anniversary, they are inviting everyone to get involved and have fun – entering their video competition. Sing and shout [and maybe dance] about being veggie/vegan. Have a look at the excellent Kizz & Cazz video “ Vegan and you know it”.


We will have stalls at the following events

KIRKSTALL FESTIVAL Saturday July 12th – we could really do with some more helpers here so please get in touch with Jenny if you can spare some time

Summer Fairs are a really good place to meet people and to chat about the animal issues.

If you can help at any of the events in and around Leeds please let Jenny know   email    Thanks

The following meetings – for 2014 – will be Wednesday July 23rd and Wednesday August 27th.  Meetings are at Leeds Civic Hall at 7.00pm

Finally, one of our members has heard about Sugar and Spice – a veggie/vegan cafe in Beverley, E Yorks.

New members are always welcome. Hope to see you soon.

Jenny and Carla

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