LAP Newsletter April 2014

Hello to all Leeds Animal Protection members and supporters





The government has indicated that it is considering amending the Hunting Act by using an Affirmative Statutory Instrument [SI], a type of legislation that can be used to push unpopular changes through Parliament with less scrutiny than a full vote would require. This SI would lift the limit on the number of dogs used to flush our wild mammals, effectively repealing the Hunting Act.


The League Against Cruel Sports believe that the vote could take place on Wednesday March 26th and they ask us to CONTACT OUR MPs IMMEDIATELY  Please go to to send a template letter to your MP telling him/her that you do not want a repeal by the back door, and to vote against this amendment.


At present the Hunting Act allows a maximum of two dogs to flush out a fox to waiting guns. The amendment would allow a full pack of up to 40 dogs to be used.  Details at There are also details and a template letter on the Humane Society International website




BREAKING NEWS – There are reports in the press today [Sunday Times March 23rd] that the government’s badger culls are to be restarted this summer, with a third killing zone in Dorset, added to the two existing ones in Somerset and Gloucestershire, according to Whitehall sources. Defra is expected to make an announcement this week.


An independent scientific assessment of last year’s pilot badger culls has concluded that they were neither effective nor humane. The farming minister George Eustice said that the government was not bound to heed the advice of the report and that it could approve a nationwide badger killing programme.  On February 13th there was a backbench debate in parliament at which MPs voted 219 to 1 for the motion to refrain from granting any further licences, pending development of alternative strategies to eradicate bovine TB, namely a cattle and badger vaccination programme.  Following the vote, George Eustice refused to say if the government would bring a vote on the badger cull to the full house or not.


Please keep an eye on the following websites for details of any developments regarding the culls and what we can do to help the badgers.


Yorkshire Against The Badger Cull – on Facebook


URGENT – this petition was mentioned in the previous newsletter.  There are council petitions set up across the country calling for the councils to prohibit the culling of badgers and to promote the vaccination of badgers in their area. To sign the petition for Leeds please go to Please share this as widely as possible.




Animal Aid – report that four horses died at last week’s Cheltenham Festival.  Our Conor, Akdam and Stack The Deck died during the first few days and in the final race at this year’s festival, eight-year-old Raya Star died, after suffering a suspected fractured spine.  Please see their website for details and for why Cheltenham is so dangerous for the horses.


Animal Aid’s Horseracing Awareness Week takes place in the seven days leading up to the Grand National [March 29th – April 5th]. This is a particularly good time to talk to people about the notoriously cruel Aintree event and about the racing industry in general.  At our stalls we have been giving out information about the horse injuries and deaths which happen when racing, and have been collection signatures against the Grand National.




March 30th is Mothers Day and is VIVA!s Day of Action for mother cows – whose babies are taken away from them at just a few days old. It is a good time to inform the public about the dairy industry and how cows milk is obtained. Most people are unaware that cows spend seven months of each year both pregnant and producing so much milk that it could feed eight calves. Because of this, cows suffer serious problems and develop mastitis – a painful udder infection. Most cows are slaughtered at around five years of age.  At our stalls we are able to tell people about this, to hand out delicious dairy free recipes and to tell people about the benefits for both ourselves and the animals. for details about the farming of cows for dairy free recipes




Saturday April 5th Leeds Animal Protection stall at Otley Green Fair. Otley Courthouse, Courthouse Street, Otley LS21 3AN – 10.00am – 4.00pm.


Also on Saturday April 5th – Aintree Protest – There will be a protest outside the gates at Aintree Racecourse – against the Grand National. 11.00 a.m. – 2.30p.m. This is organised by Animal Aid – details at


Saturday April 26th   World Day For Animals In Laboratories – National March and Rally – 12.00 noon – Old Market Square,  Nottingham, NG1 2DT.  Campaigners will march through the city centre calling on the government to halt animal experiments and will expose the horrific conditions that animals in laboratories have to suffer, including those in labs in Nottingham.


TRANSPORT – Luke from the AVC is trying to organise transport from Leeds. If you would like to join us and go to Nottingham please register your interest for transport ASAP by either posting on facebook or by contacting Carla at  We need at least 50 people from the Leeds and Sheffield areas to warrant organising a coach.


Saturday May 10th The Great Yorkshire Vegan Festival – at the Queens Hotel Leeds next to the Train Station 10.00am – 6.00pm.  Leeds Animal Protection will have a stall there. Details at


Saturday May 17th  Pudsey Carnival –  Leeds Animal Protection will have a stall there.


Saturday May 17th  also on this day it will be Manchester Vegan Fair. This will be held at Chorlton Irish Club, 17 High Lane Manchester. 11.00am – 5.00pm. details at


Sunday May 18th  Hope Pastures Spring Fair. We will hold a Dr Hadwen Trust stall there. Details of DHT work at


Bank Holiday Monday May 26th   There will be a street collection in Leeds in aid of Dr Hadwen Trust.


If you can help at any of the events in and around Leeds please let Jenny know – email     Thanks


The following meetings – for 2014 – will be Wednesday February 26th, Wednesday March 26th and Wednesday April 24th.  Meetings are at Leeds Civic Hall at 7.00pm


New members are always welcome. Hope to see you soon.

Jenny and Carla

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