LAP Newsletter February 2014

Hello to all Leeds Animal Protection members and supporters and a very Happy NewYear



You may have thought that the New Year started with the month of January! Well VIVA! have other ideas and suggest that the first month be “Veganuary” and that everyone should take this opportunity to try a Vegan diet (at least for one month).  They have Step-By-Step recipe guides and a new menu for every day [although we are sure it would be all right to do it in February]!  They also have health and nutrition tips and loads of other useful stuff –


The League Against Cruel Sports report that the effectiveness of the badger cull trials is currently being assessed by an Independent Expert Panel, who are expected to report back to the Secretary of State in February.  The government will then decide whether or not to proceed with extending the badger cull pilots to other parts of England.  Details at

URGENT – there are council petitions set up across the country calling for the councils to prohibit the culling of badgers and to promote the vaccination of badgers in their area. To sign the petition for Leeds please go to click on United Kingdom, then on Cull Fiasco and then on “actions you can take”  Please share this as widely as possible.

Animal Aid – have an overview of the badger cull and report that if this government has its way, the culls will continue from June 2014 – most likely in Devon and Cornwall initially, but they could be permitted right across the country. There is also a link on their website to contact Oliver Letwin to ask that the badger cull policy be abandoned.

Care For the Wild is one of the groups which are totally opposed to the badger cull, which took place in 2013 and is due to be rolled out across the country in 2014. The group helped to organise peaceful, local badger cull protests around the country – including a very well supported one in Leeds – and they will continue to do so in the coming year. For all of their news and ways to help, please go to

Owen Paterson – the government minister responsible for the badger cull has admitted that the number of cows infected with bovine TB over the past two years has been “overstated”, due to a problem with Defra’s IT system. He has said that the data “will be revised significantly downwards for 2012 and 2013” Details on


The League Against Cruel Sports report that the Hunting Act is under threat. We can help protect wild animals and keep cruelty history by going to their website – and contacting our MP by following the link, and by sharing their “no joke” video.


Animal Aid have a new online initiative as part of its campaign to stop medical charities funding vivisection. Every few weeks, the Victims of Charity website will expose and challenge cruel and futile experiments paid for by charities.  A detailed critique of at least one more experiment will be added and the public will be able to take action by email and social media. The first experiment featured is financially supported by the British Heart Foundation and involves the mutilation and suffocation of twelve heavily pregnant sheep. Please see the website for further details and actions you can take

Safer Medicines have a petition going to David Cameron about using better science than animal tests


On the CASJ website – – there is a report about a major international symposium on animal politics, which CASJ contributed to. The symposium was in Istanbul and brought together academics and animal advocates from around the world. The first presentation was given by Tom Regan from North Carolina University, and the second was political philosopher Prof Will Kymlicka, who has produced a new study called “Zoopolis A Political Theory of Animal Rights”. There were discussions about translating animal protection into actual practice in the real world – a goal which reflects the CASJ’s fundamental mission, and speakers from many countries included CASJ’s own Dan Lyons.


More than 20 retailers have dropped angora, following recent publicity about horrific animal suffering. To find out which companies are listening to their customers and ditching rabbit fur, please go to


Local Rescue – Camp Nibble have a rabbit welfare petition going to the government. To support this please go to

ANTI-FREEZE can kill

Many animals die a horrific death after ingesting antifreeze, which they like as it has a sweet taste. Some companies add a bittering agent to stop animals being attracted to it, while others have so far refused to do this. Please sign the No 10 petition calling for the mandatory inclusion of a bittering agent – This petition is on page 4. There are also a lot of other government petitions that animal campaigners may wish to sign.


On Sunday January 26th there will be a national protest outside the Manchester Deansgate Hilton hotel, where the Greyhound Board of Great Britain will be holding an awards ceremony. Time of protest is 16.00. Please see for details

We hope to hold a stall in Leeds sometime in February – possibly 22nd.  If you would like to help please contact Jenny –

Saturday February 8th – Bradford Healthy and Alternative Living Fair at Bradford Club 1 Peace Hall Yard, Bradford BD1 1PJ from 10.00 – 4.00. There will be talks, vegan food stalls, DHT stall, reiki and brahma kumaris.

The following meetings – for 2014 – will be Wednesday January 22nd, Wednesday February 26th and Wednesday March 26th. Meetings are at Leeds Civic Hall at 7.00pm

New members are always welcome. Hope to see you soon.

Jenny and Carla

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