LAP Newsletter December 2013



We held stalls in Leeds City Centre and at Bradford Peace Fair in Saltaire.

We have campaigned for the badgers, for a ban on the use of snares, for gun magazines not to be allowed to be sold to children under the age of 18, and also against the import of fur.       We have informed people about cruelty free household products, about the BUAV “Broken Promises” campaign and about which medical research charities still test on animals and which use solely non-animal means for their research.

We held a stall at the Feral Cat Welfare Charity Auction – for Dr Hadwen Trust which was another good chance to talk to people about the work of the charity and we  also sold some of their merchandise.

On Remembrance Sunday we were able – for the second year, to take part in the ceremony at Leeds Cenotaph and we laid a wreath of purple poppies so that the animals who were injured or killed in wars are remembered and included in  peoples’ thoughts.



The badger cull pilot trials were extended. The cull in Somerset continued until November 1st, and the cull in Gloucestershire was extended by another eight weeks and will not finish until December 18th. The extended licences were granted after Defra revealed that the pilot trials had fallen short of their “kill targets”.

There is a link on the Teambadger website   to BACVI which has been set up to fund the vaccination of badgers in the cull zones and risk areas. Details at

Please see the “Future Events” section for details of the march and rally against the cull – in Leeds.


The League Against Cruel Sports report that the Hunting Act is under threat. Hunting wild animals with dogs, for sport was banned in England and Wales in 2004. The Coalition Government have promised a vote in parliament – on repealing the Act, and pro-hunting groups are putting pressure on MPs to get rid of the Act, or to weaken the legislation. There is a link from the website  to send a template letter to our MPs – to remind them of  the public support for the Hunting Act.


A planning application for a breeding farm in Grimston, Yorks has been rejected by local councillors. The farm would have been used for breeding beagles, ferrets and rodents for use in the research industry. This is not the first time that a planning application for this site has been rejected. In 2012 the Secretary of State Eric Pickles turned down plans for a similar breeding facility which would have been constructed by the same company.

Details at

At our October meeting we had a very interesting talk about the work of the  AVC and how primates have been saved from vivisection and then relocated. The Anti Vivisection Coalition  believes that all animals have the right to live without fear and pain and they work as advocates on behalf of animals of all species.  To find out about their successes and their work go to


New research shows that around one third of clinical trials on the global Clinical register have not published results. In a BMJ paper, researchers report that they estimate that more than 250,000 people have volunteered for clinical trials where the findings have been kept secret. Please go to    for ways to help.


The minister in charge of the proposed bill concerning animals in circuses, has vowed to continue with plans to ensure that ALL wild animals [and not just big cats and elephants – as recommended by a government select committee] are spared a life of circus suffering. This news means that in two years time, all wild animals will be free from performing in circuses in England.

On our summer stalls we campaigned against the practice of pinioning. Pinioning happens to thousands of birds in UK zoos, when, at just a few days old, the end of one of their wings is deliberately severed. These birds will never fly again.

CAPS have now been told that expert Government advisors on zoos have joined them in calling for an end to the pinioning of birds.

Details at


On our summer stalls we also gave out postcards for people to send to The Spanish Embassy in London asking for bullfighting not to be declared a cultural heritage.

Sadly, the Spanish Senate has decided in favour of legislation that will see bullfighting protected by the State. Spanish groups will launch a citizens’ initiative in 2014 – to reverse the new legislation.  Details at


Bramley Animal Rescue unfortunately had to close in October. Over the last three years they have rescued over 1,000 animals, given advice to many people and completed 300 educational visits. They have a great deal of local support  and plan to do small animal boarding with some profit going to the rescue, continue the education side and open a charity shop. At their website   you can find out about the ways to help them.


Foie-gras is typically made from force-feeding ducks and geese so much grain that their livers expand up to ten times their natural size. The production of foie-gras is illegal in the UK, but it may be imported. After a campaign by VIVA!, Amazon have ended their sale of foie-gras. VIVA1  are now calling on eBay to also stop the sale of this product. Details of this, and of other VIVA! campaigns at  Animal Aid ask us to take action against Fortnum and Mason, which still sells foie gras  www,

Animal Aid ‘s annual Christmas Fayre will be held on Sunday December 9th at Kensington Town Hall.S


In their Vegetarian Recipe Club VIVA! include  some gorgeous recipes for cooking at Christmas time. All recipes are vegan. How about;-

Individual Mediterranean Nut, Olive and Marinated Tofu Roasts
Cream Cheese and Cranberry Parcels
Baked Butternut Squash  with Savoury Rice
Chestnut Pate en croute
Big Boozy Yule  Cake
Christmas Brandy Truffle    and lots more!

Animal Aid have lots of suggestions for a Compassionate Christmas – food, festivities and lots of lovely presents





Come and join us in Leeds City Centre for a rally and march, setting off from Leeds City Square [opposite train station] at 12pm. We are pleased Dominic Dyer from Care for the Wild will be giving a speech. Family and dog friendly event. Please bring banners and placards and dress in black and white. Lets get the message to the Christmas shoppers.

Please see the Anti Vivisection Coalition website for details of a demonstration at NIBSC Primate Laboratory, Hertfordshire on December 14th. Possible transport from Leeds.

There may possibly be another LAP stall in Leeds before Christmas. Please contact Jenny   if you would like details – thank you.

Our December meeting will be on the 2nd Wednesday which is. on December 11th.

Do come along and meet us and have a chat.

The following meetings – for 2014 will be Wednesday January 22nd and Wednesday February26th. Meetings are at Leeds Civic Hall at 7.00pm.

The next newsletter will be the February one.

New members are always welcome. Hope to see you soon.

Thanks to everyone who has helped this year and all that’s left is to wish everyone and all  the animals a very Happy Christmas and NewYear.

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