LAP Newsletter October 2013

Hello to all Leeds Animal Protection members and supporters


We have held very busy information stalls at Chapel Allerton Arts Festival, Otley Vehicle Transport Extravaganza and in Leeds City Centre.

We campaigned to get the badger cull stopped and to get snares banned.  Many people knew about snares and the horrific suffering they cause and are surprised that they are still legal.  We have also been collecting signatures on a petition for “Safer Medicines” and have given people BUAV “Little Books of Cruelty Free”, which contains a list of cruelty free companies. We have also given out lots of lovely veggie recipes and nutritional information.

One week after the start of the cull, campaigners from Leeds and York gathered in Briggate in Leeds one evening to hold a candlelit vigil for the badgers.  We were able to talk to the people who were around and some signed Brian May’s petition there and then.  Photos of the vigil were sent to campaigners in the cull areas, to show our support for those who are enduring the difficulties and demands of witnessing the slaughter, and caring for the badgers.

The government’s pilot cull of badgers began in Somerset on August 26th and in Gloucestershire on September 3rd.  The shooting of badgers, by shotgun or rifle, will last for up to six weeks.  It is reported that the marksmen have not been able to kill anywhere near the number of animals they intended to, thanks in part to the wonderful work of campaigners in the cull areas.

On the Animal Aid website there are links to Somerset Badger Patrol and Gloucester Against Badger Shooting.  These groups would really appreciate more help if anyone can get there for a night or a weekend, or even make a donation to enable someone else to go.  There is a link on the Animal Aid website to an article by a Somerset County Councillor – Mike Rigby – which is well worth reading.

Humaneness – What is it?  Well don’t ask the government’s Chief Veterinary Officer because he doesn’t know!  Despite the fact that one of the government’s stated aims of the trial culls is to assess it.  Although the assessment of badger suffering was ordered to be released in August, Humane Society International are still waiting for DEFRA to reply to their questions about badger cull humaneness assessments and also about how badger carcases will be selected for post mortem examination.

Brian May’s e-petition to stop the cull closed on September 7th and achieved 304,028 signatures – the most signed e-petition ever.

Please check that your MP has signed EDM 299 [if they are able to sign EDMs].  This is calling for a debate and vote in parliament before any extension of the culling to other areas of the country.  If they haven’t done so then please ask them!


League Against Cruel Sports “Snare Aware” continues for the rest of September.  On their website you can find details about different kinds of snares and how they are used.  If anyone has not signed the petition please go to


Animal Aid have a campaign to end the sale of gun magazines to children, which we will be supporting on our stalls.  The aim is to get magazines that encourage the killing of animals for “sport” to be consigned to the “top shelf” positions in shops and sales to be restricted to over 18s.

Such magazines act as front-line advocates for the shooting lobby and are on sale in high street newsagents.  A recent poll shows that the overwhelming majority of people want these magazines kept away from children.  You can help by signing the petition at

If you would like to receive Animal Aid’s E-news to receive their updates – please go to


On our stalls recently we have had a petition for “Safer Medicines Campaign”.  The petition calls for the Government to mandate the use of new technologies that can predict the safety of medicines for patients more reliably than current methods.  Safer Medicines are an independent group of scientists and doctors, with extensive expertise in drug discovery, development and testing.  Their aim is to change the way that medicines are tested, so that they are safer for human beings – moving from a system based mainly on tests in animals – to one focused firmly on human biology.

To sign the petition and for details of their work – please go to

At we can download a Schools Guide about animal experiments.  This is a good overview for students – and for everyone else.  On their website we can also read about how BUAV are showcasing their campaigns such as Broken Promises, Our Best Friends and Licensed to Kill at the various party conferences.  They are asking MPs from all parties to sign EDM 442, which calls on the Government to uphold its pledge to reduce animal experiments and also EDM 514, which calls for an end to cats and dogs in research.

BADGER CULL PROTEST outside the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester.  This is at Manchester Central Convention Complex [formerly known as the GMEX centre], Windmill Street, Manchester M2 3GX – Sunday September 29th at 1.00pm – please wear black and white – for the badgers details at

DR HADWEN TRUST COLLECTION – we will be holding a collection for Dr Hadwen Trust at Leeds Railway Station on Saturday October 19th.  This is a really good chance to collect some funds, meet people, give them a leaflet to introduce them to the work of DHT and encourage them to look at the website.  Dr Hadwen Trust funds and promotes non-animal research to replace the use of animals in medical research.  Please see their website for details.  We need people to help collect at the Railway Station.  Please get in touch with Jenny for details if you can help.  Please state which times you could do.  We have to sign in and have a brief safety talk – The times are 10.00 – 12.00, 12.00 – 2.00 and 2.00 – 4.00.  We could stay till 6.00 if anyone is interested.  Anyone collecting will need to show photo ID – valid passport or photo driving licence – Thanks.

There may be some actions when the pilot badger culls end in October.  If so – there will be info on Leeds Animal Protection website and Facebook page; we will also send out an action alert by e-mail.

Two dates for your diaries for November:

Remembrance Day Ceremony at Leeds Cenotaph, where we will be laying a wreath of purple poppies in memory of the animals who died in warfare – Sunday November 10th.

Bradford Peace Fair at Victoria Hall, Saltaire – Saturday November 23rd

The next meetings will be:

Wednesday September 25th
Wednesday October 22nd
Wednesday November 27th


New members are always welcome at any time, but the Leeds Animal Protection year begins in September, so now is the perfect time to join (or renew your membership).

Hope to see you soon.
Best Wishes
Jenny and Carla

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