LAP Newsletter September 2013

Hello to all Leeds Animal Protection members and supporters


We held a campaigning stall at Unity Day – a huge event on Woodhouse Moor at Hyde Park, have held stalls to promote Dr Hadwen Trust at the Leeds Dogs Trust Open Day, which was very busy and very successful, and also at the Feral Cat Charity Bazaar.  Dr Hadwen Trust fund and promote non-animal research to replace the use of animals in medical research –


The badger cull, very sadly, has now started, despite both science and morality being against it.  Brian May’s e-petition to stop the cull can still be signed until September 7th and is an easy and effective way for the public to let their views be known.  It is the most signed e-petition ever and at present the number of signatures is 273,672.  Please check that everyone you know – who might sign it – has done so – LAST CHANCE!

Websites for info about the cull include
> Badger Trust –

Animal Aid have suggestions for action that we can take to help the badgers including:
> the Wounded Badger Patrol{ or 07928 775012}
> the Hunt Saboteurs { or 08454500727}

Early Day Motion 299

Please ask your MP to sign EDM 299. EDMs are formal motions submitted for debate in the House of Commons.  This EDM states that after the culling in the pilot areas has finished, the results will be evaluated and a decision taken on a wider roll-out. EDM 299 calls on the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs to take the matter to the House of Commons before any decision on a wider roll-out of the pilot badger cull is taken, and that the matter should be subject to a vote in the House of Commons.  Details at  Also at this website you can find out who your MP is, by entering your postcode.  Please note that it is the custom that the following people do not normally sign EDMs – Ministers and Government whips, Parliamentary Private Secretaries and The Speaker and his deputies.


One of the focuses for League Against Cruel Sports in September will be the campaign to end the use of snares. “Snare Aware” will run for the whole month.  Snares are thin wire nooses set to trap wild animals.  In Britain, snares are largely used by gamekeepers to control foxes, who are naturally drawn to the elevated number of game birds in shooting woods. Snares inflict terrible suffering on the animal who is captured.  Full details on LACS website  Please sign the petition calling for a complete ban on the manufacture, sale and use of snares in England and Wales at


The grouse shooting season [the so-called “Glorious” 12th] started on August 12th and lasts till December 10th.  Apart from the grouse, a large number of native birds and mammals who “interfere” with grouse shooting, are trapped, poisoned or snared.  Environmental damage is also caused.  Details at


Captive Animals Protection Society are having a Week of Action to end the mutilation and shooting of birds in UK zoos.  There are actions to do each day and the week ends with a skydive.  Please go to for details


In March, the European Union banned the sale of new cosmetics tested on animals in all its member nations.  Many nations are keen to follow the EU’s lead and Norway and Israel have already done so.  However many animals around the world are still suffering in cruel tests although proven, valid alternatives exist.  For further information and details on how you can help go to


VIVA! report that there is still time to object to plans for what would be one of the largest pig farms Britain has ever known.  Derbyshire County Council will soon make a decision and big business is watching –


We will have a campaigning stall at Chapel Allerton Arts Festival on Saturday August 31st.  This is held in the streets of Chapel Allerton from 11am – 6pm.  We will be campaigning on the issues above.

Our following stall will be at Otley Vintage Travel Extravaganza on Sunday September 8th at Knotford Nook, Pool Road, Otley – 10am – 4pm.

We hope to hold a stall in Leeds City Centre in September too.

There will be a protest against the Badger Cull – at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester – on Sunday September 29th.  The conference is at Manchester Central Convention Complex [formerly known as the GMEX centre], Windmill street, Manchester M2 3GX.  It starts at 1’o’clock, and please wear black and white if possible.  For details please see It is also on facebook.  Directions will be on the conservative party website as well.  There are frequent coaches and trains from Leeds.

We always need people to help at stalls and it is a very effective way to meet and talk to people.  Please do get in touch with Jenny if you would like to help for an hour or so.

The next meetings will be held at Leeds Civic Hall at 7.00 on the following Wednesdays:-
> Wednesday August 28th
> Wednesday September 25th
> Wednesday October 23rd

New members are always welcome. Hope to see you soon.

Best Wishes
Jenny and Carla

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