LAP Newsletter August 2013

Hello to all Leeds Animal Protection members and supporters


We have recently held very successful stalls at Horsforth Gala, Garforth Gala, Kirkstall Festival and Bramley Carnival – where we have focussed on campaigning against the badger cull, against pinioning of birds and against zero-grazing. We have informed people about which medical research charities still use animals and which are humam-based. We have had petitions for CCTV in slaughterhouses and we have been able to give out many veggie recipes.


Brian May’s e-petition to Stop The Badger Cull is now the biggest ever e-petition recorded on the Government’s own website. As the petition grows the position of the Government and the NFU become less and less supportable. The petition is an easy and effective way for the public to let their views be known, and it will close on September 7th 2013. Lets keep it going and get it as high as possible – only one month left! Current total is 260,909

You can also help the badgers by asking your MP to sign EDM 299, which calls for a parlimentary vote on the assessment of the cull and any proposals to expand the cull beyond the pilot area. Please visit for further information.


The Government has announced a sharp increase in the number of scientific “procedures” conducted on animals in British labs last year. The jump is from 3.7 million in 2011 to 4.1 million. This rise comes despite a post-election pledge by the coalition Government that it would work to reduce the total. Most of the increase is accounted for by the use of GM mice, although experiments on non-human primates are up by 22% and on goats by nearly 750%. Please visit for details.

Also – the BUAV has a campaign called “Broken Promises” which calls on the Government to keep it’s promise to reduce the number of animal experiments. Please visit for details.


Please go to to object to plans to build what would be one of the largest pig farms Britain has ever known. If it goes ahead 26,000 pigs will be housed indoors in a vast factory farm. Derbyshire County Council will soon make the decision about this proposal, and there is still time for us to object. There is a letter objecting to the farm – pre-written for us to sign and send.


VIVA! and Animal Aid are having a joint Day of Action for Fish to inform people of the plight of sea creatures when they eat them and to encourage them to refrain from doing so. Scientists agree that fish – as well as crustaceans like crab, shrimps and lobsters – experience pain and suffering in much the same way as land animals, yet there are hardly any laws protecting them from harm. Please see for details.


Leeds Animal Protection stall at Unity Day, Hyde Park Saturday July 27th

Information stall for Dr Hadwen Trust at the Dog’s Trust Open Day, at the Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre, York Road – on Sunday August 4th

Stall for Dr Hadwen Trust at the Feral Cat Welfare Bazaar at St Margaret’s Hall, Horsforth on Saturday August 10th

We have also applied for a Leeds Animal Protection stall at Chapel Allerton Arts Festival – 0n Saturday August 31st.

We always need people to help at stalls so please do get in touch with Jenny if you would like to help for an hour or so.

Our next meetings will be held at Leeds Civic Hall at 7.00 on the following Wednesdays:-

Wednesday July 24th
Wednesday August 28th
Wednesday September 25th

New members are always welcome. Hope to see you soon

Best Wishes
Jenny and Carla

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