Leeds Animal Protection is an animal rights group.

We believe that:

  • Like us, animals are sentient beings, capable of enjoying life and of suffering pain
  • Humans have no right to imprison, torture and kill fellow sentient beings
  • Animals are not ours to abuse for any reason

We actively campaign against all types of animal abuse including:

  • Animals in laboratories

We are opposed to the abuse of animals as laboratory tools, whether for testing substances (e.g. cosmetics an other products), or for medical “research”, and we campaign for the immediate and complete abolition of all forms of such abuse.

  • Animals for food

We are opposed to the abuse of animals as factory machines in the production of food, and we advocate and support vegan lifestyle choices.

  • Animals for sport, entertainment and fur, etc

We are opposed to all blood “sports”, to the abuse of animals for entertainment (e.g. in circuses and zoos) and to hunting and farming animals for their fur or other products (e.g. musk, bear bile, ivory etc).

Join Leeds Animals Protection

Meetings are generally held every month in the Civic Hall, Leeds.  Please refer to News & Events page for the next meeting date.

Visitors are always welcome from 8pm

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